Welcome to the Yakima School District Facilities Scheduler
School facilities may be rented for scientific, artistic, sporting, cultural, or other community events open to the public which are sponsored by individuals or by recognized non-profit organizations or groups. School facilities may also be used, subject to paying reasonable rental value or actual district cost, by individuals or groups whose intended use is solely commercial, private for profit, religious instruction or worship, or partisan political; provided, however, that school facilities shall not be rented for such purposes on a regular or continuing basis. (Operational Procedures 4330)
Any organization wishing to use Yakima Public Schools must submit a facility use request (see below for our online request system) to the Facilities Use Coordinator at least 15 days prior to the event.  All building permits shall expire at the close of the school year, August 31.  Requests for use of public school facilities must be renewed each year.  A current certificate of insurance must be on file with the district prior to use of school facilities.

How to Use Our Online Facility Use Request System to Reserve Facilities
Step 1: Become a requester.  Click Here to Start
Step 2: Wait for your approval email
Step 3: After receiving the approval email that your account has been set up, log in to your account to begin requesting facilities. Follow the steps in the system.  See note section at the bottom of this page for details regarding gym usage.
Step 4: Submit Insurance Liability Form by Clicking Here.  Facility use will not be granted or approved until current liability insurance is on file. 
Step 5: If you are a non-profit organization submit a copy of your 501C3 by Clicking Here.
Step 6: Wait for email of approval/denial of your facilities request.  To check on the status of your request, log in to your account and click on the request history tab.
Step 7: When a request has been approved, an electronic contract will be sent to the requester. Sign the electronic contract with the pin you created in your account.  Upon receipt of the electronically signed contract, the facility has been officially reserved for your use.  

Note Section
The Yakima School District offers three (3) gym locations for youth* indoor soccer: Barge Lincoln elementary gym, Lewis & Clark middle school auxiliary gym, and Wilson middle school auxiliary gym. 
We do not offer locations for indoor soccer to accommodate participants ages 11 years of age and older.  Please contact our Facility Use Coordinator if you have any questions.
*youth is defined for indoor soccer use as athletes 10 years of age and younger, i.e.  elementary age students.

 Questions? Contact us at: 509-573-7020